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  • Muntu Warriors Main Story In Webcomics
  • Muntu Warriors Origin Stories In Webcomics
  • Bios And Descriptions Of All Muntu Warriors Heroes
  • Muntu Lore And Archives
  • African History Documents And Archives
  • Behind The Scenes Content
  • Art Breakdowns
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  • Muntu Warriors Main Story In Webcomics
  • Muntu Warriors Origin Stories In Webcomics
  • Bios And Descriptions Of All Muntu Warriors Heroes
  • Muntu Lore And Archives
  • African History Documents And Archives
  • Behind The Scenes Content
  • Art Breakdowns
  • Art Tutorials
  • General Knowledge Tutorials
  •  Storytelling Tutorials
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About Muntu Warriors

Muntu Warriors is a project in which I want to show the world my vision of African culture and folklore through a fantasy and superhero universe.

Muntu Warriors will help educating people, especially a younger audience, on the cultural achievements of Africa, as well as its core values and traditions, through comic book series and fiction.

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Our readers say

"There are so many tales and comics out there about superheroes. I have read or watched most of them. The best of these tales are awesome, but since I read so many such tales I often find myself disappointed. Yet, I keep buying them as I look for that diamond in the mountain of coal. Muntu Warriors is the brightest diamond I have found in a long time. The writing is superb. The characters are diverse and very easy to love or hate. I was particularly impressed by the descriptions of African culture."
PJ Sanez
Book Reviewer
"Excellent animation and beautifully drawn backdrops, this could easily be an animated series that children (and adults) of color would take pride in. The characters are well defined, the storyline is well thought out and comprehensive, and always wants you to see more of the story!! Pleasing history and language references as well!! Overall, kudos to the series, and looking forward to more."
Graphic Designer
"Muntu Warriors, a great discovery! Junior has a lot of talent and imagination! To put forward the African culture in this way is really great! Good luck for the future!."
Naledi Sô
Interviews, Events, Testimonials and Entrepreneur
"Wow! I was super impressed with this. The story is well thought out and developed and I really like the characters so far. They are well developed and complex, especially Professor Zuma. His inner conflict is evident. The story flowed well and wasn’t confusing anywhere. Sometimes you run into a part of the story that feels off or confusing but I didn’t find that here. The illustrations are amazing! I do not have any sort of artistic talent so I’m always so impressed by people that do. The colors are great and fit with the overall feel of the comic. The illustrations complement the story well. Well done on this aspect! "
Chelsea Burdick
History Teacher
"I absolutely love Muntu Warriors, both series in fact. I see this becoming a huge brand in the future. The plot and overall story is solid and the character designs are really cool"

They read Muntu warriors

Simone Gbagbo

Former first lady of Ivory Coast, President of the Parliamentary Group of the Ivorian Popular Front, Vice-President of the FPI.

Harry Roselmack

French Radio and TV Journalist, Television Host, Author, Entrepreneur.

Frederic Bukole

Comedian, Artist, Scenarist.

Hannah Subayi Kamuanga

(Person on the right) Country Officer & Equity Expert at PROPARCO

Diana N. Katalayi Ilunga

(Person in the middle) Author/Illustrator of the children’s book: “Les Supers Ilunga”

Stephane Madkaud & Family

4th Generation Distiller of Madkaud rhum, head of Heritiers Madkaud.

Eva bara

Ethno Life Coach, Personality

“My goal with Muntu Warriors isn’t just to show you African Culture through my eyes. I also want to use my experience and knowlege to help you reach your full potential, and become the best version of yourself.”

Junior Macdonald Beckley
Founder, Creator, Author and Illustrator of Muntu Warriors

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