Affiliate issues

Hi everyone! If you are on this page, is that you are concerned by the Affiliate feature. And you should because this is a golden opportunity for the both of us. I want you to get 50% commission for each succesful referrals, and I want you to be paid every single month. This is an opportunity of passive income, and based on the referrals you can get, it can be a lot of money.

But I have some issues to fix first that goes beyond my expertise. And because of that, I can not pay my affiliates. At first, I wanted to wait and fix it before the launch of the platform, but it takes forever. I should have started the advertisement of the platform 3 months ago. ( as I’m writing this, we’re in October 2021) And I can not find the solution I’m looking for online. 

In this page, I’ll explain what are my issues for you to understand and maybe if you know how to fix it, to help me with this ( at the end of the page, i will share an email to contact me.)

1- Paypal issues

My first issue is with Paypal. To pay my affiliates, I need access to Paypal Payouts. But Paypal doesn’t want to grant me access to it because according to them, the account I use for Prime is not based in the US, and my account is too young (their words, not mine). And I need to generate a certain amount of income before they can consider giving me the authorization. They tell me something like 2000 or 3000 dollars. I asked them for an other method to pay Affiliates and I’m still waiting for a response.

It would not be a problem if I had something else to pay my Affiliate. Something viable like Stripe. And that brings us to the second issues.

2- Stripe issues

Apparently, as a member of Muntu Warriors Prime, you can not change the way you are paid for your referrals. If you try to switch your payments settings to a Stripe account (Pay me with Stripe), they will ask you this: 

And if you try to Authentificate into Stripe, it will show you this:

And when I contacted Stripe about it, they just recommended me to get myself a Web Developper. Or to code in some very technical setups. And I ain’t tech geek enough to code, I don’t have time to code, and I don’t even want to code.

3- technical informations

To build Muntu Warriors Prime, I used Ultimate Membership Pro and Ultimate Affiliate Pro. So far, it works perfectly for Membership Pro. 

But I don’t know if my Affiliate Pro is correctly set. I don’t know if my Affiliates are going to be paid every single month, if the payments are automatic.

And also, and that is the most frustrating when it comes to setups, I don’t know if I still have to pay the affiliate when one of his referrals unsubcribes.


Jim is a member of Muntu Warriors Prime. He recommands Prime to his friend Joe. Joe joins Prime for $10/mo using the referral link of Jim. Therefore, Jim earns 50% commission of Joe’s membership, aka $5/mo.

But after two months, Joe realizes that Muntu Warriors rime is crap and unsubscribes from the platform. Therefore, I don’t have the $10/mo anymore to pay the commission of Jim.

And my issue here is: Do I still have to pay Jim, or will he realize that his monthly income has decreased, and the balance will be changed automatically?

Internet is vast, and yet I have found no viable and explicite answers for these matters.

I want my platform to have a payment system who works exactly like the one of Patreon. 

I need help

It’s frustrating because when it comes to Paypal, they take forever to respond. And they ask a lot of messy infos who are hard to follow.

And when it comes to Stripe, Paypal, Indeed, or the other Youtubers making videos for building websites, the way they explain makes it looks easy. But there is a lot of things they do not tell you and leave you to fetch for yourself. 

And the tutorials I have followed to create Muntu Warriors Prime are from 2019 and earlier. And since that time, everything have changed. From the authorizations, to the systems, the versions, the setups etc… So what they say in their videos is now obsolete. And most of the tutorials give you 70% of the info, leaving out the 30% you really need to make it work.

Even on Fiverr I tried to contact people, but so far I was unlucky, and none of them seems to have a solution for it.

I desperately need help to fix the Affiliate Feature, it’s a golden opportunity for everyone, and a great way to make money in these times of crisis. And as of now, that golden opportunity is wasted due to crappy technical issues.

So if you have a solution for my issues and want to help, or answers for what I am looking for, PLEASE CONTACT ME ON THE ADDRESS BELOW:


Let us put all the pieces of the puzzle together, fix the machine, and once fixed, change our on getting all the gold we want.

Junior Macdonald Beckley