When you create a project, a story or an artwork, giving your character(s) a personality is almost more important than giving them a story. Because very often, the actions your character will take will depend on his personality. For example, imagine that your character comes across a bully. The bully walks past your character and shoves him or her, yelling, “Get out of my way!” Your character might react in different ways: If he is shy or fearful, he will run away, pretend it’s normal or cry. If he is hot-tempered, he will get angry, insult him or fight. The same situation can lead to several different story lines, if your character has a personality. In the world, there are many different personality types. But it is possible to group them into four different types, which I will present to you with four different gems, of four different colors.

Actually, the principles you’re about to see are things coming from the book of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter: “The Four Colors of Personalities for MLM” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” of Dale Carnegie. I highly recommend you to read these two books if you want to go further in your knowledge of the four personalities.




Pearls are calm, open-minded, cheerful people. They have a free spirit and hate conflict. There is one thing that matters to them: helping others. Pearls are dreamers, they have uncommon vision, and the ability to see beyond their vision. They are well-meaning, and very emotional, in the sense that they are afraid of criticism and being misjudged by those around them. Their kindness makes them tend to underestimate themselves, and always thank others. Even though they may appear shy and sometimes unsociable, they are the kindest people in the world.


But as far as their weaknesses are concerned, Pearls are very touchy, and take things very much to heart even if they don’t show it. They are afraid of confrontation, and have difficulty asserting themselves and standing up for themselves or their opinions. They are naive and very impressionable. They live in their bubble or their universe, and they are disconnected from reality. When they do what they love, they are miracle workers and diamond creators. But when they don’t do what they love, they are very bad, even dead weight.


If your Pearl character is a good guy, he will be humanitarian, kind to everyone, and have an unshakeable spirit of sacrifice and  a strong devotion for the people he loves and cares about.


Superman, Froddo Baggins, Kiryu Kazuma, Sakura (Naruto), Ryu (Street Fighter), Roi T’Challa ( Black Panther ), Michael Jackson, Gandhi, Hashirama Senju (Naruto), Neville Longbottom, Jesus Christ, Buddha.


If your Pearl character is a villain, he will be a kind of fanatic, who will do bad things, or make sacrifices, for the sake of humanity, or for the love of something. He will be a so-called savior of the world, or a psychopath. Or a kind of god, or deity. He can also be someone who can’t control himself or needs help, or someone who has been betrayed and gone mad.


Kronika (Mortal Kombat), Seymour Guado, Bray Wyatt, Ener (One Piece), Zeus (God Of War), Chakravartin (Asura’s Wrath), Joe Goldberg (You), Xerces (300), Cipher (Fast And Furious), Broly (DBZ), Young Gaara (Naruto).

Conseil important:

If you want to be in symbiosis with a person who is Pearl, you must act calmly and your speech must always be about helping others. You have to make them feel comfortable with you.

And if you want to team up with a Pearl on a project or a business, know that he will be the most efficient on the creative aspect (coming up with ideas etc…) and on the well-being aspect (taking care of the team, managing people’s morale etc…) Give the Pearl freedom to express himself, build his lacking confidence, and he will make wonders for you.



You surely know a Sapphire around you! Sapphires are the most social people in the world. These are the types of people that everyone you know will be friends with. They have a way with words, a natural charisma, and an aura that draws people in. A Sapphire will never be alone, because everyone will want to be with him. You’ll see him talking to someone all the time, on the phone, or in a group of people. Sapphires are extroverted, hyperactive people who are full of energy and never stand still. Interpersonal skills are a key factor for them, and they are fun-loving people. They are kings of fun! Always with a crazy story to tell that will completely capture your attention. They have a great ability to charm people, and get into friendship circles. They are also enormously funny and good to be around.


As far as their weaknesses are concerned, Sapphires are impatient people, who get bored quickly. They have a harder time focusing on anything than everyone else. In classrooms, they are often the troublemakers. And some Sapphires talk a lot, even too much: depending on your mood they can easily get on your nerves. And for a Sapphire, everything has to be about him. He is the star, and he will not fail to let you know it.


If your character Sapphire is a good guy, he will possess an aura that will force people around him to change for the better. His name will be in everyone’s mouth. He will be very funny, with a natural charisma, hyperactive, and everyone will want to be like him, and follow him in his quest.


Monkey D Luffy, Son Goku, Jack Sparrow, Tony Stark (Iron Man), Naruto, Johnny Cage, Homer Simpson, Miranda (The Devil Wears Prada), Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Daxter (Jak & Daxter), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Muhammad Ali


If your character Sapphire is a bad guy, everybody will want his head on a plate. He will be a deceiver, a traitor, who will make you believe in his good faith to hide his evil intentions. But even if you know that this person is the most evil of all time, you will still tend to adore him for his personality.


The Joker, Hades (Hercules), Cruella (101 Dalmatians), Negan (Walking Dead), Frieza, Megamind, Loki (Marvel), Neo Cortex, Buggy the Clown, Dr Facilier, Amazone (Muntu Warriors)

Conseil important:

If you want to be in symbiosis with a person who is Sapphire, you have to be able to have fun with him. Go out, do events, make jokes, laugh together, and let him express himself. You could have great conversations with a Sapphire even though you haven’t said a word. And always remember that it’s all about them.

And if you want to team up with a Sapphire on a project or a business, know that he will be the most efficient on the marketing and promotional aspect (finding clients, contacts, influencers, managing social networks, negotiating contracts, etc.), and on the event aspect (organizing parties, shows, etc.).

And above all, put it in the spotlight as if he was the star of your project or business.



Rubies, you must be upset with me right now, because I didn’t mention you first. Rubies are motivated by one thing: Winning. Here are some terms that will resonate with them: victory, control, power, money, success, discipline, order. They are proud, strong-willed people who don’t let themselves be pushed around, so much so that their presence is intimidating and commands respect. In the Ruby mentality, being number 2 is not an option. They have to come first. They have to be better than others. They are looking for quick results, and not to be bothered. For them, it’s straight to the point. Most Rubies are born leaders or commanders. Because they are not afraid to make decisions that others won’t dare. They like to work hard, and be recognized for it: Because the fact that they work hard proves that they are better than others.

And don’t you dare tell a Ruby what to do! Unless he already recognizes that you are better than him, or that you know something that interests him. Otherwise, it’s THEIR way, and nothing else. But Rubies are brave, courageous, have the art of taking action, and give 200% to their goals. So they always land on their feet. And their ambition pulls those around them up: their pride becomes your pride, their vision becomes your vision, and you feel like you’re always protected by a real leader. Unfortunately for a Ruby, all problems and mistakes tend to fall on them, even if they didn’t do anything. It’s easier to blame you, Rubies, because you’re the one with the bad temper, and you’re the one who won’t let it happen. When you are provoked, you respond. And when you are challenged, you accept. I would even say that if you want to motivate a Ruby, tell him he can’t do something. The next day, he will master it, just to prove you wrong.


  For their weaknesses, Rubies are angry people. They get angry about everything and anything. They often argue with others and don’t mince their words, even if it’s hard for the person listening to them to hear. After all, if that person can’t take your words, they suck, right Rubies? They are also self-centered people who only think about themselves and their loved ones, without taking others into consideration. They are aggressive, stubborn, act before they think and they often tend to overestimate themselves: they think they know everything and are the best. Even if they are wrong, they are right. They are bad losers, and hate to admit their defaults. For example the fact of always making others believe that they are calm: “NO I AM NOT BAD I AM KIND!!! I’M VERY CALM HERE !!!!” Between you and me Rubies, we all know you are lying don’t we? And by the way, those who are frustrated to read my description of the Rubies must be thinking : “NO I’M NOT LIKE THAT ! THE GUY IS TALKING NONSENSE ! I’M CALM I’M A PEARL !!!” Sorry to tell you this, friends, but you are the reddest Rubies of all !  


If your Ruby character is a good guy, he’ll be brave, proud, courageous, protective, conceited, and won’t take any crap. In general, he is the person you can count on to make things right. He will have strong values and will be respected by all.


Hercules, Kratos, Floyd Mayweather, Zoro Roronoa, Vegeta, Asura, Agon (Muntu Warriors), Dominic Toretto (Fast and Furious), Thor (Marvel), Hydro Horn (Muntu Warriors), Okoye (Black Panther), Lightning (Final Fantasy 13), Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Drax, Mufasa, Guile (Street Fighter), Lagertha (Vikings), Professor McGonagall, Videl, Chichi


If your Ruby character is a villain, the very thought of his wrath coming down on you will make you pee your pants. He will be a tyrant, a conqueror, a bully, who will cause destruction wherever he goes. Basically, it would be madness to confront him. But at the same time he will always be looking for an opponent worthy of his prestige, in order to crush him with all his might in an epic battle.


Kazuya Mishima, Shao Kahn, Akuma, Bison, Vince Mcmahon, Yujiro Hanma, Madara Uchiwa, Kaido (One Piece), Darth Vader. Darkseid, Sauron, Bloody Mary, Maléficent

Conseil important:

If you want to be symbiotic with a person who is Ruby, you have to be his subordinate. He is the king, and you are his servant. Let them express their anger and be there to comfort them. A Ruby likes to talk about fighting, strength, and victory. So get out your guts and become a giant among men (not as big as him though…) And above all, you must respect them. Make them feel good and proud of themselves. And if you have to give them criticism, suggest it instead of throwing it in their face.

And if you want to team up with a Ruby on a project or a business, know that he will be the most effective in leadership and an executive position (project leader, director, manager etc…). He is also effective if he is the cop of your project/business (spotting fraud, problems, managing associates, discipline, keeping the team in order).

And always find a way to challenge their supremacy, to make them feel like they are not the best, or not important. They will move mountains just to prove you wrong.



Emeralds are some of the most complex people to identify. It is very hard to know what is going on in their heads. They have the ability, if they want, to go completely unnoticed. But behind this lack of presence are extremely cultured and intelligent people. Emeralds have a mind based on logic. They won’t believe in something until they have proof in front of them that it exists, or works. They love to dig into an idea, the notion of detail, of finishing, of finesse, of taking the time to execute detailed plans. These abilities make Emeralds the most strategic people in the world. They are one step ahead of everyone else. They are often the top of the class in schools, the brightest people in the workplace, and the people who are classified as role models. And they will never be happy about it, their success was already anticipated in their plans. Emeralds are also people who are given complex tasks that nobody else in the world wants to do. For example, many Emeralds are found in the computer industry, among bankers, secretaries, scientists, or in management-related jobs. Emeralds are introverted, straightforward, and don’t like to be in the spotlight. They are intellectual and have tons of references. To a certain extent, Emeralds are also great inventors because they have a way of taking an imaginary concept and finding a formula to make it a reality.


 In terms of their weaknesses, Emeralds are very unsociable people. They are also very negative people, who love to criticize: they will always see what is wrong instead of focusing on the positive things. They will take every problem, no matter how small, as a major problem. They will want to do every microscopic detail, and because of that they never achieve their goals. But the few that do, create revolutionary things. For some of them, they are obnoxious and harmful to those they have feelings for, in order to hide their embarrassment or shyness. Talking to an Emerald could be like talking to a robot: all logic and no emotions.


If your Emerald character is a good guy, he will be a strategist, an expert in his field, an intelligent person who will have his own way of seeing things. He will be very misunderstood and melancholic, but first in everything he does and will implement genius plans. Furthermore, you kind of feel empathy for them because it’s very difficult for them to be understood by people the way they want.


Lisa Simpson, Jimmy Neutron, Malcolm, Yasha, Heat (Muntu Warriors), Carlton Banks, Saiki Kusuo, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Sakamoto, Jason Bourne, Sasuke Uchiwa, Doctor Strange (Marvel), Huey Freeman (The Boondocks), Hermione Granger, McCall (The Equalizer), Genos (One Punch Man), Shino Aburame (Naruto)


If your Emerald character is a villain, it will be a person who is misunderstood, a loner, a genius gone bad, or a person with a nefarious plan, or a perfect plan. Or it will be someone dedicated to his art, because he is the only one who will be able to understand himself. Or a serial killer or assassin, who will kill with no emotions.


Raito Yagami (Death Note), Gru (Despicable Me), Doctor Octopus, Nightsister Merrin (Star Wars), Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort, Scar (The Lion King), Brainiac (Injustice), Orochimaru (Naruto), Itachi Uchiwa (Naruto)

Conseil important:

If you want to be in symbiosis with a person who is Emerald, don’t bother too much with the mood of your friendship. Your conversations should be straight to the point. You need to learn from him, and he needs to learn from you. Every conversation with an Emerald should make you both smarter. If it doesn’t, you’re wasting your time. And an Emerald can’t stand being in the spotlight. So leave him alone in his bubble.

And if you want to team up with an Emerald on a project or a business, know that he’ll be the most effective on all technical aspects. (IT, programming, website, design, etc…) And on data management and statistics. Their place is important because they have the power to take a dream and turn it into reality.

You should always listen to what they have to say, even if it is sometimes boring and incomprehensible.

If you want to get a quick memo and a clear idea of the four personality types, watch the Ninja Turtles.

Leonardo is a Pearl, Donatello is an Emerald, Michelangelo is a Sapphire, and Raphael is a Ruby. And no matter who you are, you are all in some way connected to one of these four personalities. Of course you can have a little bit of two of them, or even a little bit of all four. But there will be one that will inevitably dominate the others.

Conseil important:

Among all the lessons, I think this one is one of the most important. You HAVE to learn about the different personalities. 

It will help you in your story, in your life, in your art, your project, your business, your relationships… in Everything.

And it might sound scary, but if you master the different types of personalities, you’ll always find a way to make people do whatever you want.

In other words, you can literally manipulate people…


Beyond the physical aspect, you must study the different personalities, because it will help you to understand yourself better, to understand your loved ones better, to facilitate your relationships and your teamwork. And this is an important factor to master in family, friends, business, schools and companies.