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(The Affiliate Feature is still in construction, and is not functional at this stage. Once it works perfectly and its ready to use, you will be noticed by mail. But you can still check out what has been done so far.) 

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Why Going Prime

By going Prime, you will have access to an Affiliate Feature who will allow you to get paid a commission for each people you will turn into a customer. And in Muntu Warriors Prime, the commission rate for each successful referral is…

That’s right! You sell for Muntu Warriors Prime, you take half of your sale. Depending on your selling skills or your audience, It can become a major source of income don’t you think? 

How affiliate works

Step 1 - Register

You go Prime to automatically become an Affiliate of this platform.

Step 2 - Shout out

You learn about Muntu Warriors on the platform, and use our tools and your links to talk about it with people around you.

Step 3 - Conversion

People join by going Prime as well. If they go Prime using your links of referral, you get a commission of the sale: 50%.

Step 4 - Repeat

New Prime subscribers become Affiliates as well, and can do the same process too. And it goes on an on an on.

And in Muntu Warriors Prime, you will have access to a Tutorial section dedicated to the Affiliate System, so that you can learn how it works, how to set it up, some advertising tips, and how I promote Muntu Warriors, for you to do it as well.

About Muntu Warriors

Muntu Warriors is a project in which I want to show the world my vision of African culture and folklore through a fantasy and superhero universe.

Muntu Warriors will help educating people, especially a younger audience, on the cultural achievements of Africa, as well as its core values and traditions, through comic book series and fiction.

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Comic Books on Amazon

You can get your webcomics and printed comic books of Muntu Warriors on Amazon. Available in English and French.

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