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In the tutorials

Hi my friend! Junior Beckley here, the creator of Muntu Warriors. Welcome to the tutorials page!

In the tutorials, I will share with you some tips, lessons and advices from my own experience and the lessons from I’ve learned  until today. I’m sure these lessons will help you become the best version of yourself and reach your goals, whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a businessman or simply someone who wants to improve himself.

Let me show you what you can get in the tutorials:

General knowledge

Only available in the Gold Tier

In this tutorials series, I will give you tips to improve your overall culture.


Only available in the Gold Tier

In this tutorials, you will get some nice tips to create a great story.


Only available in the Gold Tier

In this tutorials, I will show you principles of art you need to master if you want to be a great artist.

Art breakdowns

In this tutorials, we will analyse some of my artworks, so that you get some art tips.


Only available in the Gold Tier

In this tutorials, We talk about financial education, marketing strategies, and money.


Only available in the Gold Tier

In this tutorials, We will make sure that you have the right mindset in everything you do.

About Muntu Warriors

Muntu Warriors is a project in which I want to show the world my vision of African culture and folklore through a fantasy and superhero universe.

Muntu Warriors will help educating people, especially a younger audience, on the cultural achievements of Africa, as well as its core values and traditions, through comic book series and fiction.

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